Nearby Destinations

Visitors can choose among many short distance destinations if they want to experience one-day trips.

The “Politia” hotel is the ideal place from which you can set out on trips to the areas around. Ask for maps and any information and tip from the reception desk. It's our pleasure to make your outing easy and entertaining.

Nearby Destinations

Landscapes of incomparable beauty

  • Zagori

    It is a complex of 46 villages of special architecture and natural beauty. It is consisted of Eastern, Central and Westrn Zagori. Most known villages are Vovousa in Eastern, Kipi, Tsepelovo, Aspraggeli, Monodendri and Pedina in the Central nad Aristi and Papigo in the Western Zagori. The Region is mainly known for the Vicos Ravine which is 12km long and 900 m high (for that is in the Guiness book of record as the deepest in the world).

    But there are a lot more to see and admire in Zagorohoria (villages of Zagori) as the architecture of stone houses, countless stone bridges, the most famous of which is “Kalogeriko” and the Kokkoris bridge, the alpine lakes on Gamila, Vradeto steps, Papigo and monasteries of Rogovou, Spiliotisa and St. Paraskevi as well as Lazaridi's and Toli's museums.

  • Metsovo

    About 50 km from Ioannina, after a 25-minute drive along the Egnatia street, you reach Metsovo, an ideal destination for all seasons. Metsovo is built at an altitude of 1150 m. And its well preserved houses in combination with the green landscape and the imposing mountains in complete harmony with the nature will make your visit there unforgettable.

    Remember to taste the delicious “kontosouvli” and smoked cheese “Metsovone” and of course visit the wine factory as well as the Averof Gallery and the Museum of Pop Art. During winter months you enjoy the snow covered landscape having a hot drink by the fireplace in the cafeteria of a ski resort.

  • Tzoumerka

    This area is very impressive place and distinguished nature is relatively unexplored destination for many. Green places in summer and snow-covered in winter are inviting visitors to walk and explore them. At the peaks of Southern Pindos you can admire the villages of Syrrako and Kallarytes (where all houses are stonebuilt) and of course the Monastery of Kipina which is built on the edge of a big rock.The historic Plakas bridge is the highest one-arch stone bridge in the entire Balkans!

    Tzoumerka is an ideal place for the lovers of authentic experiences and alternative activities though the lack tourist infrastructure. Every year an Art Festival is held while there are a lot of rivers suitable for extreme activities like rafting, cannyoning, rappel etc.

  • Zitsa

    One of the least developed places around Ioannina is Zitsa, famous for its vineyards and wine. It has an altitude of 670 m. And its full of vineyards. If you decide to visit the town of Zitsa don't miss the wine factory run by Glinavos family and the watermill of Achilles in Lithino area.

    The windmill, recently renovated, serves as a restaurant “hidden” in a thick plantation at the bank of the river Kalamas in a surrounding of tall plane trees. At a few meters’ distance from the watermill you can see “Theogefyro” (God’s bridge) which is a rare geological phenomenon, created by the rapid water of the river Kalamas. It’s about 45m. and has a width of 3m. and it stands a lot higher that the water.

  • Konitsa

    The town of Konitsa located about 60 km from Ioannina is the center for many villages in the area of Pindos. There are museums – one of Natural history and one with photography exhibition – in Konitsa, the museum of workmen in Pyrsogianni and and Enviromental Education Park in Bourazani. There are also remarkable Monasteries (Stamiou, Molyvdoskepasti, St. Apostoles and St. Nicolas). Konitsa is also known and very popular destination for the lovers of Rafting (Voidomatis River), Kayak (Aoos River), as well as paragliding. A “must” for sight seers is the imposing stone bridge at the entrance of the town.

    Must see: The imposing stone arch bridge at the entrance of the city where the opening of the arc reaches forty feet!