The area is famous for its unique mountainous landscapes, many of which are preserved areas. One such is in Northern Pindos with borderlines of the Aoos, the Voidomati, the tributaries of the Arahthos (Metsovitiko, Zagoritico,Varda), The Aliakmon (Venetico,Pramovitsa) and the Sarandaporos (Kerasoviticos) including the area Vicos-Aoos, Valia Kalda and the area within their limits. Due to the variety of the climate in relations with the morphology of the ground there is a lush and sometimes rare flora and fauna.


Endless museum of natural history

  • Mountains of Epirus

    Smolikas, the second highest mountain of our country is also a protected area wher you can admire the two ravines, Vicos and Zygos as well as mountains like Lyngo, Mitsikeli and many other shorter mountains.

  • Zagori

    In Zagori steppe-like meadows and forests full of different trees give the picture of a complicated mosaic offering the most suitable conditions for the existence of the various kinds of fauna and flora with ana amazing variet of colours, especially in Autumn.

  • Tzoumerka

    On the other hand, high and steep peaks, green slopes and great riverside untouched areas form another worth visiting sight, at the Tzoumerka region.

Finally it is worth mentioning that the area of Ioannina – mainly due to Lake Pamvotis – is the home to a great variety of birds many of which face the danger of extinctio

Every place is unique and inviting you to explore it. A one-day trip will be unforgettable, especially if you are fond of trekking or climbing.