Ioanninas, a divine picturesque city, the city of legends and of tradition that combines the historical memories and modern reality. The city of Pamvotida, the legendary lake of Ali Pasa and his dame Frosyni, the Byzantine castle with traditional narrow streets that still carries the Byzantine memories of past.

Starting trom the Politia Hotel you can go for unforgettable walks in the city and enjoyable excursions to Zagoria, Tzoumerka and Metsovo. At the Politia Hotel you will be informed about all the events and activities that take place in the city during your stay. The personnel not only will take care of your good stay here but they will also give you all the essential information you may need so as to have the most exciting, unforgettable campaigns.


Most important sights of the city

  • Municipal Museum

    Located in the former Aslan Pasa Mosque ,in the north-western side of castle. Contains remarkable collections of local clothing, weapons, jewels, folklore garments, furniture from the Ali Pasa season, Moslem hieratic books as well as various items from the Greek Independence War. Don’t forget to visit the Philosophos Cavern and the Catacombes. You may access through the lake side gate, opposite the pier.

    From 09.00 until 16.30. Tickets cost 3 Euros. Pensioners 1,50 Euros. Students and soldiers free admittance.

    Tel: 26510 26356

  • Municipal Art Gallery

    From February 2000 it is housed in the completely restored “Pyrsinella” building at the corner of Korai and 28 of October street, just a few meters away from Politia Hotel, and it consists a major cultural pole of the city. In her rooms you will enjoy paintings, sculptures and collections of drawings by some of the most important Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century.

    You may visit it Tuesday and Thursday from 08.00-15.00, Wednesday and Friday from 08.00-21.00, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00-13.00 and 18.00-21.00. It is closed on Mondays.

    Tel: 26510 75131

  • Paul Vrellis Museum of Greek History

    Located in the Bizani area, 12 km from city’s center just of the Ioannina – Athens national road. The well-known museum of wax figures created by Pavlos Brellis is accommodated in a specially designed building of Epirus architecture.

    Visitors concede an unforgettable course of Greek History by observing the wax figures . You may visit daily hours 10.00 – the 16.00 wintry period (October until April) and hours 9.30 – the 17.00 summer period.

    You can get there by bus No 5 which departs from the bus station at Theodoridi street (Central Square) every day at 11:20 and returns 12:35 (Except weekends). Ticket costs 6 Euros.

    Tel: 26510 92128

  • Isle of Pamvotis lake

    One of the most beautiful Greek landscapes. In the isle there are 5 exquisite Byzantine monasteries . You should definitely visit the Philanthropinon Monastery and the museum of pre revolution period that is accommodated in cells the of Saint Panteleimon monastery . It is the place were Ali Pasa was killed.

    To get to the isle use the small boats from the Lakefront (Molos). Daily departures every 30min from 07.00 to 22.00.

    Tel: 26510 81791

  • Folklore Museum of Konstantinos Frontzos

    Located at 42-44 , Micheal Aggelou street, 500 meters away from Politia Hotel. Fare samples of Epirotic Art , costumes, jewels and tools are exhibited.

    You may visit the museum from Tuesday until Saturday from 09.00 – 14.00. Monday and Wednesday is open at from 09.00 – 14.00 and 17.00 to 20.00. Sunday 11.00-14.00

    Tel: 26510 23566, 26510 20515

  • Archaeological Museum

    Located in city center at Litharitsia Park just behind the 8th Brigade Headquarters. Includes 5 main halls with archaeological finds from all over Epirus .Contains and important collection of utensils, idols, weapons, jewellery, coins, inscriptions and sculptures.

    Normally is open from Tuesday until Sunday from 08.30 until 15.00. On Mondays it is closed. Admittance is free all Sundays from November to April.

    Tel: 26510 35498

  • Byzantine Museum

    It is located within the castle. Contains a remarkable collection of Byzantine and post- Byzantine icons and items of the above period. To access the museum you can enter the Castle (one of the oldest of its kind in Greece as it is built in 528 AD) use the central gate at Neomartiras Georgios sq. Street signs will lead you to the museum from that point on.

    Winter season daily from 08.00-17.00. Monday closed

    Tel: 26510 25989, 26510 39580

  • Ancient Theater of Dodoni

    You can visit the oldest oracle in Greece founded 2.500 BC and the largest ancient theatre of the Greek world with 18.000 seats . At this place the first Greeks (Selli) lived and created culture. In 1959 an archaeologist from Epirus called Dakaris completed the excavations and restored the theatre and other buildings.

    Dodona is found 16 kilometres away the city center . At the 7th kilometre of the Ioannina-Athens national road you have to turn right to enter the new Egnatia Highway (direction Igoumenitsa) and exit at the Dodona interchange.

    It is open daily from 08.00 until 15.00. Admittance is free all Sundays from November to April.

    Tel: 26510 82287

  • Cave of Perama

    Located in the village of Perama, 4 Km to the north of the city, just off the Ioannina Metsovo motorway. The Perama Cave is one of the rarest caverns in the world, unique for its variety in stalactites and stalagmites. The conducted tour lasts 45 minutes on a 900m path.

    To get there you can use the local bus No 8 which departs every 20 minutes from the Clock tower in the city center.

    The Perama Cave is open daily from 09.00 – 17.00. Ticket costs 7 Euros. Students 3 Euros.

    Tel: 26510 81521

  • The Castle

    Build on the banks of lake Pamvotis by Emperor Justinian is the biggest Byzantine monument in Greece. Inside the castle there are mostly two-floor and very few three-floor picturesque houses which compose a scene of a film of another time. Walk through the narrow paths and you reach the Acropolis named Itscale where Ali Pasha's grave still exists. There are also two well-preserved Mosques and the view of lake from up there is magnificent.

  • The Vikos Ravine

    The ravine is about 12 km in length across central Zagori. In the village of Monodendri, on the way to a place known by the name “Oxia” you can admire the “stone forest” which is full of of huge rocks standing like tall trees, a really noticeable geological phenomenon. From the square of Monodendri you can walk for about 400m on cobbled paths untill you reach the Monastery of St. Paraskevi, built in 1413 right on the edge of a cliff. The view from that point is thrilling! You can also have fascinating views from other villages, like Vradeto and Oxia.